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City of resort Truskavets – one of the most famous spa resorts of Ukraine. He pitch their picturesque valley in the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at a height of about 350 meters above sea level. This incredibly beautiful city with crystal clear air is nestled among the gentle wooded slopes and fast rivers . For Maximus characteristic warm and moderately humid climate. Here guests brief snowy winter , often stormy spring , warm summer and a long golden autumn . January goes with an average temperature -6.0 ° C , July 18.5 ° C + .

The resort is located at a distance of 100 kilometers south of the city. The railway connects the city with the largest cities of Ukraine, CIS and the Baltic states . Between Maximus and later Lvov city and Drogobic stry and electric buses ply .

Truskavets – a nice and ecologically clean zone . Generous variety of terrestrial and underground mineral water springs with fourteen : “Nafta “, ” Yuzya “, “Maria “, ” Sofia “, ” Bronislava” and others; deposits ” mineral wax ” – ozokerit , the only field in the world is at a distance of four kilometers from the resort in Borislav ; competitors famous Carlo varskoy salt belongs Truskavetska salt “Barbara” , which is produced from highly mineralized brines .

Modern Truskavets – a large resort town, where both can be treated with rest and up to 15,000 people, and for the year it attracts nearly 200,000 tourists from countries near and far abroad. Truskavec today – is opening more and more health resorts , hospitals, hotels . Crescendo develops tourism private sector. But the main wealth of spa resort Maximus – is its unique natural mineral water.

The resort gained fame thanks to the mineral water “Nafta ” . This bicarbonate , magnesium-calcium water with high organic content of petroleum origin . Namely organic substances that are rapidly destroyed when exposed to air ( so ” Naftusia ” need to drink only in a pump room ) , therapeutic “Nafta ” Truskavets deposit differs from other medical mineral waters. Today, it has no equal on the medicinal qualities .

“Nafta ” promotes the release of small stones and sand from the kidneys , gall bladder, urine – and biliary tract , normalizes metabolism , especially carbohydrate metabolism in patients with diabetes , improves gastrointestinal tract , pancreas, increases the activity of the endocrine glands, protects and renews liver cells , displays the body of toxins and radionuclides . It has analgesic effects , helps to reduce inflammation in the kidneys, the urinary tract, liver, gastrointestinal tract , prevents cancer.

Truskavets – ecologically clean region with unique history , culture and traditions. Healing power of nature Maximus – your health and wellness . Healing gifts of land , the beauty and tranquility indestructible mountain landscapes, vast evergreen forests and …

Tourism Truskavets – a unique opportunity to visit the city with picturesque countryside , surrounded by low hills north of the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians .

Winter – the mountains and sparkling in the sun , blinding snow … Summer – mountains and unforgettable beauty of alpine meadows . And all year round – the healing effects of the unique climate , stunning mountain air, a great tan . How many resorts can boast such a description ? Certainly not much, but here Truskavets resort – perfect , charming everyone who prefers to stay in the resort Truskavets all other spots in Ukraine.

Official founding date spa resort is considered in 1827 , when there was a new premises for the first 8 bathrooms . Although the medicinal properties of Truskavets waters have been known for a long time , they were first described royal physician Wojciech Eye in 1578. Gabrielle Zhonchinsky , author of the book ” Gistoriya natural” , which was published in 1721 , pointed out that in Truskavets , as in other villages around Drogobycha , produced oil and water, which accompanies it , peasants drank to treat many diseases. The first serious work conducted here by German scientists N. Fichtel & B. Jaco. Stanislaw Staszic a little work that came out of print in 1805, wrote that in addition to the salt produced here ozokerit and oil from which is obtained by the distillation of kerosene, which is used for street lighting . And it is – at the beginning of the XIX century ! Chemical analysis of mineral water “Nafta ” was first held in Lvov scientist , chemist and pharmacist Theodore Torosevich in 1836. This famous scientist is better known by the invention of the kerosene lamp . At the same time, the growing importance of Maximus in the Austro -Hungarian Empire. In 1892, new premises here for inhalation system Vashmuta . And this Truskavec immediately rose to the level of European values ​​such as health centers and Rihengal Wiesbaden. Built hotels, villas , guest houses .
And about the development of the resort figures show . If in 1923 there were 6080 guests, whereas in 1927 the number of visitors has increased dramatically – up to 12633 persons. In 1931, 14,659 people visited the resort , and the season in 1933 reflected a hitherto unimaginable figure – 17,000 persons.

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City Antalya , Turkey – one of the most rapidly progressing resorts in the country . It is a large modern metropolis with a population of over 1 million people. Close to Antalya airport is 12 km from the city center, making it a tourist destination even more attractive to travelers. Although the classical notion of the beach resort of Antalya did not fit . Would be correct to call it a resort town , as here in addition to the picturesque coastline typically concentrated a huge amount of the city’s attractions .
And the scale of the Turkish economic and cultural center not fit into the concept of ” holiday settlement .” Despite that tours to Antalya today – one of the most popular destinations in Turkey. Here prefer to spend their holidays with a variety of people prosperity and a variety of ideas about the journey.
Antalya – on the coast
Resort Antalya in today’s rapid development has a very high-quality tourist infrastructure. It has built magnificent hotels , numerous restaurants , cafes , coffee shops , pastry shops in the traditional style. And the number of various entertainment bars , discos and night clubs here and all are legendary. For the entertainment of tourists of all ages in Antalya are two water parks, dolphin, open stores and malls ( the smartest of them are on the street Ataturk ) . Part of the hotels located in the district of Antalya , have access to the municipal gravel beach, other hotels have at their disposal a beach platform.
But the best conditions for a beach break offered by hotels in Lara and Kundu – the beaches are sandy and very well maintained throughout Antalya. Discerning guests at the resort can also go to the island decide where you can sunbathe and swim in enchanting natural scenery . For the convenience of tourists to the island regularly runs passenger boat .
City Antalya , Turkey is in the area of the Mediterranean type of climate , thanks to the mild influence of the tourism season in this resort lasts a long time. By and large, the sea water is suitable for swimming at any time of the year . Coldest sea in February and March , when the water has a temperature of 17 degrees, however, and at this time of year on the Antalya coast can be found willing to plunge into the cool Mediterranean Sea.
City water park in Antalya

The height of the swimming season is from May to November, when the sea water warms up to 23 marks 26 degrees. Due to the fact that many of the hotels on the coast with private pools with sea water, tourists who want to vacation in Antalya, do not mind the time of year . Even in January – the coolest month of the year – there are quite a few tourists. On the street these days 14 day and 5 at night , that does not prevent the leisure to enjoy the beauty and dynamism of the city. The hottest months are July in Antalya and August when the daytime temperature is about 33 degrees , and at night is usually 21 .
In the framework of classical tours resort guests have the opportunity to visit a city tour , during which you can see the main sights of Antalya and make their photos on the memory . As a rule , tourists are taken to ” leather “, “textile ” and ” jewelry ” centers – huge warehouses of the respective products , as well as the Duden Waterfalls . We should also visit attractions such as Hadrian’s Gate , Mosque Yivli with a very high minaret ( mosque has long been a symbol of the city) , Mehmet Pasha mosque and Iskele , Karaalayoglu Park , Tower Hıdırlık , Mermeli Park , Clock Tower , Saat Kulesi , the tower of Calais – Kapysy and caravanserai Selcuk Khan . A lot of amazing facts about Turkey and the masterpieces of national creativity open to travelers in the museum of Antalya , the most informative and interesting of which are home – Ataturk Museum , the Archaeological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum Suna .
As part of the visits travelers have the opportunity to visit two national parks , located near the town – Kurshunlu waterfalls and Duden Waterfalls , and visit one of the biggest Turkish caves – Karain Cave . If time permits, you can also visit interesting cities of Turkey such as Ankara , Istanbul, Kangal , Izmir and many others.

25th Oct 2013
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Sochi – the largest resort city in Russia , which is the only sub-tropical part of the country . The population of the city is an example of 350 thousand people , most of them Armenians , Circassians and the Greeks .
Sochi is surrounded by the Caucasian Range, along the length of the territory it captures Shepsi to the Russian border on the river. Psou . The coastline is 100 km from Sochi .
In Sochi, there are many beaches , mineral springs , a variety of gorges , waterfalls , caves and forests Colchis made ​​to the UNESCO World Heritage List .
Here , as well as in Adler and Krasnaya Polyana will be held the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 .

Holiday season begins in Sochi in June. Holidaymakers will be less than in the peak season, the sea at this time is clean and refreshing, and the weather is great .
Hotels in Sochi
Marins Park Hotel
Grand Hotel & Spa Rodina
Radisson Azure
Chebotarev Hotel
Sochi Breeze Hotel SPA

As well as all the coast of the Black Sea , located in the south of Tuapse , Sochi is located in the humid subtropics. The climate is very different from the coast from Anapa to Tuapse, where typical Mediterranean climate. Sochi climate is very similar to the wet climate of Abkhazia.
In the winter season the maximum precipitation falls as rain. However, summer, although hot, too, has a lot of rain . Sochi is the boundary of the northern subtropics , so in winter it snows and frosts .
Winter temperature is 15 degrees Celsius , and summer – 35 degrees.
The swimming season lasts until October.

In Sochi, as public transport is dominated by taxis and buses to a lesser extent . As the city of Sochi is quite long , the passengers are electric trains here .
In Sochi bypass road is being built , which will relieve the inner- tube .
In Sochi also has 2 cable and 3 cable cars .
At 30 km from the center of Sochi Adler Airport is located .

Marins Park Hotel
In the heart of Sochi is surrounded by sub-tropical greenery of the seafront promenade 4 * -tion Marins Park Hotel . The road from Adler airport to the eleven- hotel building at the edge of the sea will take about 30 minutes, and r / w separates the hotel from the train station and did 10 minutes. In turn-based accessibility of the hotel complex is the famous water park Sochi , Seaport, Winter Theatre and CH “Festival “.
Vip Hotel Sochi is located in a beautiful park area adjacent to the seafront promenade , within walking distance of the Sochi Water Park , Seaport , a concert hall “Festival” and the “Winter of the theater .” Transfer from airport Adler takes 30 minutes by car from the train station – 10 minutes.
A distinctive feature of the four- Marins Park Hotel Sochi is not only first-class service , stunning accommodation and maximum attention of qualified staff to the guests , but also an incredibly high level of safety organized recreation. It is achieved due to the increased seismic resistance of the design of the building and the presence in it of a powerful system of fire safety.
Original, but it is very warmly decorated rooms at the region Sochipozvolyaet guests fully relax , regain your strength to explore the mesmerizing beauty of its resort attractions or deal with urgent cases. An added bonus for people truly engaged , involved in cases even at rest , is the ability to rent one of the six conference rooms , business center.

14th Sep 2013
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      Cape Town is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the  world. The  ideal  city for dreamers
Today, Cape Town – this is one of the most attractive resorts in the world , an   amazing oasis that combines African flavor to the best achievements of Western civilization.
Cape Town – the second most populous ( after Johannesburg ) city of South Africa . Located in the south- west of the country , on the Atlantic coast , near the Cape of Good Hope. The capital of the Western Cape , the legislative capital of South Africa . Included in the Borough of Cape Town.
In Cape Town, South Africa situated Parliament and many government agencies .  Cape Town is famous for its harbor and internationally acclaimed attractions like Table Mountain (South Africa) Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. Cape Town is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is the most visited tourist city in South Africa.
Cape Town developed as a way station for Dutch ships on their way from Europe to East Africa, India and other parts of Asia and played a leading role in this capacity for over 200 years , before the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. Cape Town , founded April 6, 1652 by colonists under the leadership of Jan van Riebeeck , a long time remained the capital and largest city of Cape Colony .
Near the town is living large colony of African penguins. Penguins live near the coast , which is washed by the cold Benguela current. A fur seals are right on the town pier next to restaurants.
Cape Town is different racial diversity of the population , but also conflicting , contradictory relations between the major racial and ethnic groups .
In terms of race in the city is dominated by the so -called relative color – the descendants of interracial contacts Asians (mostly imported as domestic servants and slaves of the Malays ) , whites ( Dutch, Germans and some Portuguese ) and blacks. Colored make up 48.13 % of the population .
Next on the number of blacks should be . The share of blacks in Cape Town, 31.0% ( 897 thousand people ) , which is significantly lower than in the country as a whole ( 79%). The bulk of the black – recent migrants from tribal villages in the north- west of the country , as well as people from other , even less prosperous regions of Africa. After coming to power in 1994 after the black , one of the tasks of modern government – to increase the proportion of blacks in the city and give them leverage the cultural, political and economic influence.
The third largest racial component Cape Town – White, constituting 18.75 % of the population . The bulk of a British origin and speaks English . They are adjacent and relatively recent migrants from Europe ( including the Russian , Lithuanian, Portuguese , etc.) Another significant part of the whites in the city – the descendants of Dutch and German immigrants ages 17-18 ( Afrikaners or Boers ) who speak Afrikaans. Percentage and number of whites in the city declined significantly over the past 40 years, and particularly over the last decade due to their intensive emigration to the United States , Australia and Britain and the unwillingness to put up with the loss of political power in South Africa, but Cape Town because of its geographical position and long history more than any other city as South Africa remains favorable conditions for the preservation of at least some part of the white population in the future.
Cape Town – the sister city of Nice and the French city of Russia – St. Petersburg.

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Sofia is located in the eastern part of Bulgaria, on the shores of the azure Black Sea. This is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria and the first largest seaport of the country. Then remove cake and pierce it in several places with a toothpick.The area of ​​the city – 468 square meters. miles.The population of Bourgas , more than 240 000 people. This beautiful flower is very loved by gardeners.Bulgaria BurgasThe airport, railway station, seaport and numerous bus interchanges make Burgas a significant transport hub in Bulgaria. Want to know how to dry your mobile phone if it fell into the waterSpectacular urban area, a unique combination of green landscapes, spectacular fountains add a new modern and Burgas charm and charm.A combination of fascinating history of the city, its rich cultural traditions and unique nature creates an unforgettable image of Bourgas.Burgas Bay is known for its fine golden sand, the sea floor flat, calm and clean sea.  The beach strip in some places reaches a width of 100 mFor anyone who loves sports and beach volleyball, extreme water sports and tennis courts, beach park Bourgas offers excellent service and a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities .Even the most pampered traveler will appreciate the traditional dishes and drinks of Bulgarian cuisine and the entertainment program offered by a variety of cozy restaurants.In the surroundings of Burgas in Bulgaria are a lot of natural complexes and sites, enjoying the attention from tourists. 15 km north of the city, tourists can rest and recuperate at many spa resorts. To the south of Bourgas, situated Otmanli Park and close to the city – a lot of lakes with salt and fresh water. In the mud and spa centers are used for medicinal purposes sediments of salt lakes.
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This resort is mainly characterized by a high-level hotels, located among the green park with lots of old trees. Riviera in Bulgaria is considered an elite resort. Previously, this area was not available for mass tourists, there is located a recreation center for members of the Communist Party of Bulgaria. Cottage cheese with fruit. Now, however, and you have an opportunity to visit this beautiful place. The combination of green plantations along the coastline with sandy beaches and clean sea will delight you and you will get an unforgettable experience of your vacation in Bulgaria in the Riviera. Flowers bloom gradually from the base to the top Perfect place for a rest in Bulgaria – Riviera will give you pleasure pure sea air and mild climate.In addition, you will be able not only to enjoy the clean sea water, but also healthier because of the large number of mineral springs, which is very rich Riviera in sunny Bulgaria. The water temperature in this beautiful bay reaches 48 degrees, and it is filled with plenty of minerals, a positive impact on the human body. Russia and Ukraine. That’s why this resort is ideal for a measured, calm the whole family, including those with young children who can not long out of the water, but you will not worry about their health.The location of this resort is also very useful for your vacation. It is situated at a distance of 18 km from Varna, as well as closely adjacent to the very rich on entertainment resort, Golden Sands. Thus, you can always diversify their stay in the Riviera on request. If you have a desire to visit the legendary resort in Bulgaria – Riviera, our company can help you! Help to choose a hotel according to your preferences and desires, will prepare you to travel and familiarize with the traditions of this country. Enjoy your stay!
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Costa Blanca invites tourists from all over the world who want to relax together, which is famous for its extraordinary beaches, great hotel infrastructure, excellent service and nightlife. Costa Blanca is becoming more popular among Russian tourists. Intresting board games. This excellent climate the average temperature in winter in the south region of 19AS, 31AS summer, water temperature, respectively 13AS and 30AS.Every year, come here almost six million tourists in local hotels can simultaneously accommodate more than 150 thousand people., Not including apartments, bungalows, villas and cottages. Resident Evil. In addition to marine recreation, there are developing educational, environmental, cultural, sporting, event tourism.Costa Blanca means “White Coast”. This is the most popular destination among foreign tourists. He holds the record among the resorts of Spain, the number of blue flags awarded by the EU for the purity of the water and beaches.Resort Capital – Benidorm. planet style. This is a huge resort center on the Costa Blanca, where residents enjoy relaxing in the Spanish capital. Fishing village of Benidorm rapidly became the largest complex of the country round, which was awarded the title of the tourist phenomenon in Europe. The city’s main beaches of Playa de Levante (Playa de Levante) and Playa de Poniente (Playa de Poniente) converge at the rock, which offers a wonderful panorama of the surrounding area. The chain of modern hotels on the coast more impressive than the play of emerald sea view.City – one of the most attractive resorts in Spain in terms of leisure and entertainment opportunities. Local broadway promenade – promenade about 6.5 kilometers in length, which has many shops, restaurants and bars. About Benidorm say that he does not sleep in the summer, it is always able to offer its guests a sea of ​​entertainment.Benidorm is located in the water park Aqualandia. Near the park with marine and exotic animals Mundomar.In the summer of 2000 near the amusement park opened in Benidorm Terra Mitica is the only in Europe, dedicated to the history and culture of the civilizations of the Mediterranean. Only one season he was visited by more than 1 million people.
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Ibiza – the third largest (after Mallorca and Minorca), Balearic Island archipelago. It is located 90 km from the Spanish mainland and 200 km from Africa. Its length is 40 km, width of 20 kilometers. The climate of Ibiza just delicious. Most often, you dear parents, pay attention only to the poor. From March to October, the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees, and from July to October the water temperature can reach 26 degrees. In this case the heat on Ibiza does not happen, because the sea breeze is blowing. Ibiza is located in the subtropical zone, where appropriate and the nature – a rich and beautiful: lots of olive groves, pines and palms.Usually the tourist season in Ibiza starts in May and lasts until late October at this time, all restaurants and bars are open. A club season from early June to late September. tennis camp. The first club opened, as a rule, Es Paradis – in the last days of May, then Space – the first Sunday in June, a week later – Amnesia – so on. Top Cream and Manumission party begins with the third or fourth week of June. Since early September, it comes at the end of the season. The most resistant clubbers come off until the end of September. First film was presented on March 9 at the film festival SXSW. Although Pacha and El Divino are open all year, but in the winter. only on weekends.In August, the island of many people, the heat, raised to the obscene prices and enormously long queue at the entrance to the club. Rent a car problem on the beaches are not overcrowded.
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Tenerife – the largest of the Canary Islands archipelago. In fact, an autonomous region of Spain. The unique climate and natural features of Tenerife put it in a number of the most popular and preferred resorts in the world. This luxurious resort is designed for a solid audience. sting new album. Due to the smooth and mild marine climate of Tenerife called “island of eternal spring.” The average annual temperature is – 20 degrees plus.Year-round tropical paradise, this area is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The nature of Tenerife is so rich and varied that the island may be compared with the continent in miniature. The majestic mountain ranges and fertile valleys, lush tropical and subtropical forests and volcanic deserts, mountain ravines and sand dunes – all the contrasts of nature are reflected in the landscape of the island. new house in Europe Tenerife – this is 2000 square meters with a diverse landscape. Tenerife is Mount Teide, whose peak height of 3718 m – the highest point in Spain. The symbol of the island is considered to be an extinct volcano Teide. This amazing beauty is the proud top of a volcanic cone that dominates the center of a huge basin of Las Cañadas. The park is a special swimming pool and a small “splash” for children. For the coastline, along which are hotels and tourist complexes, characteristic of alternating wide open beaches of golden or black sand and rocky steep sections, forming caves and small coves. A dense network of tourist routes through coastal and inland mountainous areas of Tenerife, offers the traveler the opportunity to see the incredible beauty of natural places and specially created unique parks, as well as to visit the picturesque villages and the major resort centers of the island. The main tourist centers: Playa de las Americas, Playa de los Cristianos, Playa de Fanabe, Puerto de la CruzTenerife is famous for its traditionally high level of service and a wide range of entertainment. It’s joust in a medieval castle San Miguel, a great flamenco show in the concert hall “Pyramid”, an American ten-pin bowling, discos, casinos. Be sure to visit the famous Loro Parque – known throughout the world, primarily as a parrot park. It assembled the largest collection (about 300 species) of these wonderful birds, causing admiration and regular visitors, and even professional ornithologists. It will be interesting to everyone, both adults and children. However, this wonderful park is famous not only feathered friends. “Synchronized swimming”, acrobatic jumps, performances with the ball, and other unique circus acts in the performance of seals and dolphins. Walking majestic pink flamingos, lush tropical vegetation, an unprecedented diversity of the inhabitants of the underwater world in one of the largest aquariums in the world – you can transfer up to infinity, all that is unique charm of this small world.

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We have been in Greece tourists sometimes a misconception that the Greek islands and resorts that are located on the coast of the mainland – are the most beautiful corners of the country. With this is unlikely to agree to those most curious travelers who find themselves in such a standing away from the seaside town like Kastoria. Health resorts of Europe It is picturesquely situated on the Cape, gently wedging into the lake of Kastoria (Orestias). The city is surrounded by water and walking around the city should always be borne in mind that here, in a dense maze of narrow cobbled streets, you can easily get lost. Top cover with foil shape to candy not expose to the wind. The pride of the inhabitants of Kastoria – a wide variety of Byzantine churches. In total there are – 54, and some of them more than a thousand years, including the church Taksiarhesa Mitropoleos IX century. It is well known and famous in the world for its frescoes. Usually most of the churches’ stand on the castle “- to go inside, you need to come or when service is, or soon thereafter, while cleaning out the garbage and my floors. You can also find out where are the keys. new Nokia. As a rule, they lie in the Byzantine Museum.   Very tiny in size to visit the Byzantine Museum to see the best examples of ancient icons from various churches in Kastoria. The museum is located in the upper part of the city. Situated next to the main square of the city Deksamenis. If you’re asking the locals where the archaeological museum, keep in mind that they often refer to it as the archaeological.   The name of the city of Kastoria comes from the Greek word whose meaning is translated into Russian as “beaver.” It was the fur of the animal turned Kastoria in the “empire” Greek fur production and trade as early as the 17th century.   Despite the fact that the 19th century, local beavers were ruthlessly exterminated, furriers continue to work with all kind of fur. Fur coats are sewn, hats and other items of winter clothing, which can always be found, making shopping easy by Kastoria fur salons. Furs of Kastoria – it is also an appreciable part of Greek exports.   In the city there is a museum of national life, which is located in a beautiful old building, the 17th, known as the home Alvazi. Up to 70 hgodov the last century it was inhabited, and later was converted into a museum where you can see the popular household items, costumes of different eras, agricultural tools, antique kitchen and wine cellar is a typical Greek of these places. Here is the equipment and tools – you used in the fur trade. The income from the fur trade made it possible for citizens to build a lot of beautiful mansions.Walking along the shore of the lake you can go straight to the door of the monastery of St. Mavriotissy. This monastery is a long time does not work on it there were only two churches, dating from the 11th and 14th centuries. However, in an artistic sense, they both represent a sufficient interest, thanks to a well-preserved frescoes.

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